Dale Copelan Testimonial

From: Dale Copelan Conrad, MT The service is very good and I’ve been very satisfied with my NuEar hearing aids.

Edmund Mortensen Testimonial

From: Edmund Mortensen Malta, MT With these hearing aids, I can stand by a running tractor and talk to my son at the same time with no hearing problems.

Maxine Naber

From: Maxine Naber Havre, MT When I need adjustments the service is good, without any hassle from the staff. I would recommend HAI to any of my friends.

Jack Furst Testimonial

From: Jack Furst Cascade, MT My wife said I needed a hearing test. I am very satisfied with the service I received in both Helena and Great Falls office. I can enjoy watching TV now with my wife. Now she asks me to turn the TV up a little.

Del Herron Testimonial

From: Del Herron Great Falls, MT I wore hearing aids for 15 years and had 3 sets. In April 2003 I purchased digital hearing aids from Hearing Aid Institute and this is the first set I’ve been able to hear with.

Andrew Paliga Testimonial

From: Andrew Paliga Great Falls, MT I put off purchasing hearing aids for a long time and struggled. I finally was convinced that I needed hearing aids when I couldn’t hear the bank teller. That day I went to the Hearing Aid Institute office and purchased hearing aids. I have been wearing them for years […]

Dave Wilson Testimonial

From: Dave Wilson Great Falls, MT “I think I may have a hearing problem.” I confided in a friend who wears hearing aids. “No,” he told me. “I have a hearing problem, you’re DEAF!” Shortly afterwards some co-workers asked me if I could hear what they were telling me. When I asked why, they told […]

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